Business Training – workshop and seminars across many areas of the business at strategic and operational level. The portfolio comprises:

  • An introduction to Corporate and Social Responsibility – from strategy to implementation
  • Choosing, implementing and developing  CSR
  • Business Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Strategic Planning
  • Marketing  Programmes 
  • Sales Strategic Planning
  • Sales Process Development and  Management
  • Psychology of selling
  • Sales Team Development and Management 
  • Telesales -  inbound and outbound calling
  • Systemising your business
  • Financial Operations for non-finance people
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Team development
  • Team Recruitment system for non-HR professionals

corporate & social responsibility

CSR is an area which remains voluntary under the Companies Act, 2006 and is covered very broadly in Director’s responsibilities to be a ‘corporate citizen’. BCMT Centre’s interest in the legal aspect of Human Rights, and CSR developed when Suzanne was researching law.  It was evident that growing awareness of the topic and lack of strategy and operational development was an area that could be developed within the business coaching arena. Many businesses are already able to demonstrate a number of activities in the key area’s however, they may not be consciously forming a clear CSR strategy and operational practice.
The CSR guidelines are set out in ISO (International Standards Institute) 2600:2010 and we have devised an overview half day workshop, a full day workshop and a coaching programme that allows SME’s to present the elements of Corporate Citizenship in the wider business sense.  Our programmes strategize, educate, communicate and implement these into the everyday practices of the businesses who see this arena as an opportunity for growing their business.