How well do you know your team?

At the BCMT Centre we focus on elements in team building and leadership in order to build a strong and efficient team. 

We use a number of behavioral psychometric profiling techniques to support our business owner’s decisions about their people from interview through their employment lifecycle. This is important to understand because you have a cost in the form of the wage bills and associated benefits, NI, Tax and pension contributions, if you have already passed your staging date.  We want the team, even if its made up of only a couple of people, to work really positively for you in their performance and style. 

Behavioural profiling can be applied to the job role and the person so we have a ‘square peg in a square hole’ approach. Did you know that you can build a business or department within a business, based on only three personality types? 

All profiling stems from the work of Carl Jung (Granddaddy of Behavioral Psychology), so although the different techniques and instrument are broadly similar they can focus on different aspects e.g.  age of the business, people’s energies at work and skills. They can also focus on drivers such as how results driven, compliant and detailed they are or how outgoing, communicative and people orientated they are.  How they manage time or lead/supervise and how intelligent (IQ) they are. Teams can then say ‘oh now it makes sense that a work colleague works in a particular way because we understand why they are the way they are’.  The outcome is of course a strong and dynamic team that work well together.      
At BCMT the principal, Suzanne MacDonald-Carr uses different techniques based on her psychological background and work at the London Psychological Institute to help you find out about these important elements for your employees. We can run DISC Insights profiles for your business, so email us to find out how it might benefit your team.