Group Coaching vs Face to Face Coaching

Group Coaching

Is provided via a number of programme options ranging over a period of time.
The programme is modular and takes the form of monthly group coaching presentation on a rolling set of themes interspersed by three monthly goal setting and business planning sessions to ensure that change is achieved in small manageable chunks. 

The coach then conducts a telephone or skype call in between the monthly sessions to ensure that the business is on track with its implementation. Finance where applicable, is only discussed on the telephone or face to face not in a plenary session.

The programmes are for the following sizes of businesses:

  • Start Up and micro business  (0-4 employees)
  • SME’s  (5-10 employees)
  • SME’s (11- 25 employees)

Costs: From £150 per month per delegate

Face to Face Coaching

These programmes are designed for the SME sector and are normally, but not exclusively, for established business that have been trading for more than two years and may have between 0-250 employees. 

They are bespoke and focus across the whole business at the same time; which may include development of strategic planning, market share, systems and team development as well as the development of existing and new revenue streams. The business owners often require development of the business structure, it’s management or leadership team, delegation and time management of team members and group dynamics. 

These programmes are delivered on or offsite to one or more Directors. 

Goals are set through planning sessions and then delivered over quarterly  programmes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The sessions normally last approximately 60 minutes. (Team members may benefit from attending a group coaching sessions in areas of the business model that are applicable to their roles and these can be conducted as training onsite. 

It typically takes between 9-14 months to deliver a full implementation across the business, however, some business owners enjoy a quarterly learning goal and then a consolidation quarter before moving onto the next learning phase. Contracts are available from annual sign up’s, and the break clause is a one month notice period, which is always available.  

There are two main bespoke programmes :

  • Weekly coaching
  • Bi-weekly coaching

Funding is available via The Funding Circle for the coaching progammes and there is also some other access to finance subject to status. Coaching is an investment and you will be able to grow your business faster, with external support when working with a development  or performance coach.